🪟Windows 365

Hybrid Work is here to stay. The question in hand is how to make the end-user experience more productive, secure, optimized, and make the platform highly available. This is my take on #Windows365 the few guides on getting you started and providing the users with all the goodness of the cloud.

  1. How to Get Started with Windows 365?
  2. How to Plan for a Windows 365 Cloud PC Deployment?
  3. Configure the Windows 365 for CPC Provisioning
  4. How to Re-provision, Re-size a CPC?
  5. Enroll the Windows 365 CPCs in Microsoft Intune
  6. Automation with CPC
  7. Onboard the Windows 365 CPC into Intune Autopatch
  8. Onboard the Windows 365 CPCs into Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Blog Posts

How to Plan for a Windows 365 Cloud PC Deployment?

In my 1st blog post related to Windows 365, I discussed how to get started with the product. This is post #2 of the series and in this, I want to discuss what to think when planning for your Windows…

How to Get Started with Windows 365?

Windows 365/ Cloud PCs have got very popular very soon and also came a long way in a very short period of time. I wanted to write a blog about Windows 365 and its capabilities for a while now mainly…

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