Blocking Basic Auth – Personal Thoughts

Sometime a go I wrote on How to Disable Basic auth to make way to Modern Authentication. The procedure is manageable and with a bit of effort, you can achieve it with less or no noise in your Organization.

Either you block Basic Auth via an Azure AD Conditional Access policy or creating an EXO authentication policy and applying it to the users, you must plan it well. Things may go pear shaped if you don’t take everything in to consideration.

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Block Sign-in from Shared Mailboxes

I Found something very interesting in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center related to Shared Mailboxes recently and was inquisitive to check more on that.

No explanations required for Shared Mailboxes and how it operates and the limitations. As long as a licensed user has got the delegation rights, that said user can open the mailbox and access depending on the granted access levels.

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Microsoft is retiring Basic Authentication, because Modern Authentication is here to stay!

Microsoft have announced that they will retire the Basic Authentication method from Office 365 Exchange Online and make Modern Authentication method the standard way of authenticating going forward.
There are continues updates in the M365 Admin Center messages and what admins need to do to prepare for the change.

Companies now have to prepare for the change and Microsoft is sending continuous updates on what we need to do and how to identify how many clients are using Basic Auth to connect Outlook/ Exchange Server.

I have written a quick set of guidelines that will help you to see all the important points in on go.
This will include the steps to enable Modern Authentication and block the Basic Authentication.

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How to Extract Organization Hierarchy from Office 365 and represent in MS Visio Org Charts

While the Office apps are capable of showing the reporting structure of the staff, if you need to extract that data into a Visio Diagram, that’s easy and just few click away.

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Azure AD Group Based Licensing

As opposed to adding cloud based licenses per user basis or via PowerShell to automate license assignment with a security group, Azure’s group based licensing is easy to do and will save a lot of time.
This setup is ideal for the organizations which has a number of licenses for different types of users. Also will be beneficial for the scenarios when not all the features needs to be activated for a given user group/ type to perform their specific role.

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TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 End is Near!

If you are an Office 365 admin like myself, you may have received many notifications from Microsoft regarding the TLS 1.0 being deprecated in their infrastructure which in result will affect their customers if they don’t move to TLS 1.2 in time. They’ve 1st informed this will be valid from 31st Oct 2018, but have extended the support until 15 October 2020.

This has been announced as they’ve found out vulnerabilities with current TLS versions as it causes many security issues, specially the POODLE attack.
And almost all the web services are preparing for the change.

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Stop MS Teams Auto Starting

Teams installation with no auto start switch has issues in many levels where it’s not honoring the switch. Even though it installs and won’t auto launch for the first time, when the user logs off and log back in, it auto launches and creating the below registry key in the HKEY User hive. 

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