🔗IntuneMaps – Device Profile Templates

Going one step ahead from my previous IntuneMaps.com click-friendly infographic. For anyone who is starting out with Microsoft Intune or wants to know what templates to set up and why, I hope this will be helpful to understand what Intune's Windows-based (Windows 10 and later) built-in config profiles are and how to apply them.  Microsoft Learn can … Continue reading 🔗IntuneMaps – Device Profile Templates



This is a small passion project of mine.Microsoft Intune has evolved like never before and continues to add more features as we speak. I always wanted to create a one-stop location for all things Intune Windows Platform that can be helpful to anyone who is starting out with the product, looking for the right Learn … Continue reading 🔗IntuneMaps

Intune Policy Conflicts

When dealing with day-to-day Intune activities, setting up and maintaining profiles are standard activities. And dealing with Policy Conflicts is also part of everyday activities. You will hopefully not get to deal with them every day, but every once in a while? Or maybe when too many admins try to set up policies. This article … Continue reading Intune Policy Conflicts