Microsoft 365

A Step-by Step Guide to a PST Free Environment

Limited mailbox size due to limited mailbox database size due to on-premises server’s disk space due to the number of users. Sound familiar?On-premises Exchange servers always dictates the server disk space and that always comes down to proper user profiling… More

Known Folder Move With OneDrive for Business

As Microsoft 365 evolves, to store user data and sync them easily across the devices, apply security, collaborate easily, OneDrive for Business (ODB) is the way. This article explains some basic operations you can perform to manage ODB drives in… More

Microsoft 365 Groups Cheat Sheet

This is my compilation of the something out of everything you need to know about the M365 Groups. Over the course of time Microsoft brought different types of groups to manage users and computers. In all those scenarios, the group… More

Blocking Basic Auth – Personal Thoughts

Sometime a go I wrote on How to Disable Basic auth to make way to Modern Authentication. The procedure is manageable and with a bit of effort, you can achieve it with less or no noise in your Organization. Either… More

TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 End is Near!

If you are an Office 365 admin like myself, you may have received many notifications from Microsoft regarding the TLS 1.0 being deprecated in their infrastructure which in result will affect their customers if they don’t move to TLS 1.2… More

The Hybrid Exchange Server Dilemma

This article is for anyone who is struggling and thinking how to get rid of the On Premises Exchange Server now all the mailboxes have been migrated to the cloud and no need of coexistence, federation and mail flow required.… More

Sync Now, Consolidate Later

Companies acquiring other companies as they grow. For IT, it’s a never ending nightmare to bring the systems in-line. Projects that involves setting up new company’s systems according to the mother company and what not.

My review on Outlook Spaces AKA Project Moca

While I was navigating through my personal Outlook (Hotmail) recently, I’ve noticed a new icon has emerged from the side and I had to look what that is. That was Project Moca or Outlook Spaces. A common ground to manage… More

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