Azure AD Guide

Why Azure AD Continues Access Evaluation is Important?

Continues Access Evaluation or CAE is still in preview, but it has proven to refresh the near-real time refresh for Conditional Access Policies. Ideally this is a very helpful feature in the world of Identity and Access Management, because there […]

Azure AD Passwordless Authentication with Yubico FIDO2 key

Lately I got the opportunity to test the latest Identity Authentication method with Azure AD. None other than the Passwordless Authentication. I will post few related articles on FIDO2 and what it does rather than re-explaining what has already well […]

Azure AD User Automation For Better Identity And Access Management

Why automate such a workload? Few reasons though Better Identity and access management Not having to update too many locations for these type of requestsMeet demands/ less stress on the frontline IT This is the age of automation and everyone […]

Azure AD Hidden Gems. Azure AD Temporary Access Pass

Temporary Access Pass or TAP, is a cool Azure AD feature which is still in Preview, but I see huge wins if Microsoft put this in to general availability so that the IT admins can provide uninterupted security over user […]

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