Microsoft Intune Bulk Device Actions

This will be a short blog post, but I want to cover something that is important when you have a large device fleet. This is a useful feature if you haven’t seen it yet or not tried it yet, because rather than using a CLI, you can use the Intune Portal to perform bulk actions.

Where is the ‘Bulk Device Actions’ Option Located At?

Intune Portal > Devices > Bulk Device Actions

Supported OS Platforms?

All the OS types are available for this feature and depending on the OS, the bulk actions vary.

What Bulk Actions this feature can perform?

Below are the actions for the OSes Windows and macOS respectively.

When you select certain actions, you will get warnings or additional info. I’ve selected the Wipe option for Windows and as you can see I get some additional information.

Devices Selection

Once the bulk action is determined, next up is the device selection. For most of the actions, you can select devices up to 100 in one go.

Once selected, I can go ahead and create my action and it will perform it right away.

Monitor Actions Performed

Intune Portal > Devices > Monitor > Device Actions under Other

Since I have selected only one device, you will see the actions related to a single device. If I had more, it will start listing the devices along with the action and the status.

Activity Logs On Perfermoed Bulk Action

Tenant administration > Audit Logs

I clicked on the activity syncDevice ManagedDevice audit record to see more insights and I get below

Furthermore, if I go to one of the selected devices, I can see the below details under Device Actions Status

Or similaly, if you have Device Diagnostics connected to Azure Monitor via a Log Analytics Workspace, you can use the IntuneAuditLogs table to query the same using KQL

In Closing

The name living up to the standard and it will be easily adopted with a few clicks to perform those bulk actions in your environment too.


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