The Calm After the Storm. Microsoft Ignite 2022 All Endpoint Management and Identity and Access Announcements

Microsoft Ignite 2022 just finished and it was a blast! So many new product updates and announcements. It was truly exciting to see all the Ignite related news.

Because obviously it was a lot and probably the LinkedIn feeds are flooded with the updates and reposts and what not, I thought to give it a few hours, let the traffic slow down, let the new announcements sync in and then capture all the Endpoint Management and Identity related news and publish the URLs here. This includes the Ignite sessions that are available to watch, Microsoft Tech Community Blog posts and related Learn and Product links.

Also, you can bookmark this! Let’s go!

🔔📢Endpoint Management Announcements

⚡Introducing Microsoft Intune product family -🔗Link

Probably the biggest Endpoint Management related news of them all. It’s all bundled in under one name. And what’s that you ask? Microsoft Intune. Endpoint Manager or MEM is no more and it’s back to the original naming and a lot of good things in that product family.

⚡Reduce your overall TCO with a new Microsoft Intune plan -🔗Link

Related to the previous post but this aligns with this year’s Ignite theme. Do more with less. This talks about the new Microsoft Intune Plan as well as the below topics.

Intune Advanced Management Solution
Remote Help for Windows and Android
Endpoint Privilege Management
Advanced endpoint analytics

⚡Intune connector for ServiceNow integration -🔗Link

⚡Window Autopatch News -🔗Link

Some exciting Windows Autopatch news from the Behind the Screens – Ignite Special show

So excited to see what Microsoft is doing in this space and adding more and more new features to Windows Autopatch. If you haven’t enabled this in your tenant, I wrote few articles when this 1st came. Please check here

⚡Windows update for Business Reports -🔗Link

⚡Windows Hello for Business Hybrid Cloud Kerberos Trust -🔗Link

⚡Deliver organizational messages with Windows 11 and Microsoft Intune -🔗Link

Ignite sessions

I managed to capture all the Endpoint Management related On-demand videos below.

⚡Strengthen security and cut costs with an endpoint management you can count on -🔗Link

⚡Empower frontline workers with Microsoft Endpoint Manager -🔗Link

⚡Microsoft makes endpoint management and protection easy – when it’s consolidated across platforms in the cloud -🔗Link

⚡Unify Apple device management into Endpoint Manager -🔗Link

⚡Security best practices for managing across platforms with Endpoint Manager -🔗Link

⚡Secure your workforce with Windows + Intune -🔗Link

Sign up for Microsoft Technical Takeoff

Microsoft Technical Takeoff: Windows and Microsoft Intune

🔔📢Identity and Access Announcements

Microsoft Entra Identity Governance (Preview) -🔗Link

Workload Identities -🔗Link
n identity and access management solution that manages and secures identities for digital workloads, such as apps and services and controls access to cloud resources, will be generally available in November 2022. Customers can create risk-based policies with Conditional Access, detect and respond to compromised workload identities with Identity Protection and perform Access Reviews to enforce least-privileged access to workload identities more securely. (from book of news)

Certificate-based Authentication (CBA)
a key multifactor authentication method that meets the U.S. Executive Order on Cybersecurity, is now in preview. It will enable customers to adopt easily deployable phishing-resistant authentication with an improved user experience for identifying certificate authentication factors. (from book of news)

Conditional Access Authentication Strengths
which allow admins to require specific authentication methods based on the resource. With Authentication Strengths, admins can use the right multifactor authentication (MFA) for the right resource, like phishing-resistant MFA for the most critical resources. (from book of news)

Ignite sessions

⚡Introducing Microsoft Entra Workload Identities -🔗Link

⚡Balance productivity and security across apps with identity governance -🔗Link

⚡How to achieve zero standing privileges in multicloud -🔗Link

⚡Secure access and improve efficiency with Microsoft Entra innovations that span Azure AD, Permissions Management, and more -🔗Link

⚡Ask the Experts: Secure access and improve efficiency with Microsoft Entra innovations that span Azure AD, Permissions Management, and more -🔗Link

⚡Migrating ADFS apps to Azure AD -🔗Link

⚡Zero Trust as Business Driver: 3 Discrete Scenarios -🔗Link

Useful Identity and Access Management Learn Links Which Recently Updated

🔗Use an Azure AD workload identity (preview) on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

🔗Using Azure AD Application Proxy to publish on-premises apps for remote users

🔗How to run a registration campaign to set up Microsoft Authenticator – Microsoft Authenticator

🔗Azure Active Directory developer platform videos

🔗Cloud sync deep dive – how it works

🔗Customize claims emitted in tokens for a specific app in a tenant

🔗Role-based access control for application developers

🔗Resource isolation in a single tenant

🔗Securing managed identities

🔗Tutorial: Use a Linux VM system-assigned managed identity to access Azure Cosmos DB

🔗How to use managed identities to connect to Azure Cosmos DB from an Azure virtual machine

🔗Tutorial: Use a Windows VM system-assigned managed identity to access Azure Cosmos DB

Wrapping up

Overall Microsoft Ignite 2022 was awesome as usual. Packed with great content updates and exciting announcements. Hope this blog post did justice and helped you to find the content you were looking for.


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