[Nugget] Replace Edge Browser F1 Key Help URL with Endpoint Manager

Quick nugget and this can be a handy way to push your IT Support/ Helpdesk info in to the user’s browser and its literally one key stroke away. F1 that is.

In the Edge Brower, if you press F1 key, you will get the below default webpage

But wouldn’t that be nice to make it load your organisation’s IT Support details page? Or a page to your Intranet that has contact details or to a Wiki page?

This can be easily achieved by using Endpoint Manager. Specifically using Edge Browser policies.

You have 2 options basically. Either setting up the policy as a user or a device policy.

The below example is shown as a User policy.

The setting can be easily found when you trying to create a new Device Profile and go to Settings Category section where you can just set this specific one.

In the below example, I’m going with the URL to my blog 🙂

And the result shown as below and F1 loads the specified website

And done. There you have it. Easy setting and and F1 help you to deliver help 🙂


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