Windows Autopatch – General Availability With Improvements

This is an update post on the much awaited Windows Autopatch service. This went from Public Preview to General Availability today (12/06/2022) and number of good improvements have been introduced and I would like to go through them.

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Tenant enrollment is much more easier than the Public Preview as the Promo code redemption subscription addition has taken out. Below are the steps on enrolling the tenant.

Running readiness checks to verify there are no major errors

Going through the rest of the steps to complete enrollment

Providing contact information – this is useful when service tickets raised

Device Registration

Device Registration page has a new tab called Not Ready. This simply shows the devices which have been discovered after adding to the Windows Autopatch Device Registration group and which may have issues acquiring updates via the service. While testing this I got one of my devices in the Not Ready state.

Click on the device to get a closer look on the issues

Release Management Schedules

Staying true to it’s name Autopatch, now you can see the schedules for the releases for all the rings under main categories Windows Quality Update – (Month) and Windows Feature Update – (Windows flavor, version) with the completion date. Pause and Resume functions are best if and when you have issues in any of the updates according to my understanding.

Endpoint Manager Portal > Tenant Administration > Release Management under Windows Autopatch

Learn more :

Windows Autopatch General Availability Announcement

Windows Autopatch Microsoft Docs

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UPDATE – 16.08.2022


A new section has been added under Windows Autopatch in Tenant Administration. This section is similar to Admin Center Messages and Health dashboard but relevant to Windows Autopatch.


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