FIX and Thoughts on Autopilot Pre-Provision Error 0x80180014

It was one of days where you get these sort of errors just after completing a task. That big ol’ unsatisfying red screen with an error. This time it was We couldn’t finish MDM enrollment. Error 0x80180014

At 1st glance, though the Reset button will fix the issue. However it didn’t. It resets the machine alright, but comes back to the same Red Screen.


Removing the related Intune Device record from the Windows Devices list > Devices > Windows > Delete the device

If you have this machine setup in the Hybrid AAD Join mode, remove the local computer object as well and make sure the changes synced back to Azure AD.

This will now go through the Pre-Provision (formerly known as White Glove) and will be successfully provision

Microsoft says this is due to the change of White Glove method to Pre-provisioning method which has been introduced recently and which is still in (preview) and  Windows Autopilot self-deployment mode (Public Preview) and change impacts devices when they’re reused, reset, or when redeploying a profile.

Something to lookout for! USB A Vs. USB C

Ideally to do a OOBE setup (Pre-provisioning), the Windows device needs to be connected to the network via an ethernet cable. Please make sure the computer’s network is connected straight to the NIC via an ethernet cable or via an USB A to ethernet adapter. I’ve noticed the USB C will not do it’s job at this stage of the process. I believe it’s a driver issue, but USB A seemed to do it’s job.

Once all good, Reset the computer and do the Pre-Provision again and it would go through this time and will get the green screen at the end of the OOBE process.

Something I noticed

I noticed, even when the machine is just registered in MEM, but not yet provisioned, even on the very 1st time it’s going through the process it ends up with the same above error. Noticed the same with few machines in a row. Had to remove the record and provision again to make things right.


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