How to Easily Configure Google Chrome Policies via Microsoft Endpoint Manager?

I would say this is a long time coming and Admins can take a bit of a rest without looking for the Google Chrome ADMX files and updating the custom OMA-URI content whenever the ADMX updates.
The good news is Microsoft Endpoint Manager has the relevant Google Chrome policy settings within the portal! This is a big move. Because there are organizations still using Google Chrome browser for all the right reasons and slowly moving towards Microsoft Edge browser, because why not? It’s packed with with all the Chromium goodness and the maybe you don’t want to do a big-bang cutover overnight to Edge.

So how to setup the policies using Microsoft Endpoint Manager?

  • Go to Microsoft Endpoint Manager portal
  • Devices > Configuration Profiles > Create Profile
    • Platform: Windows 10 and later
    • Profile type: Templates
  • Select Administrative Templates > hit Create
  • Name the policy > hit Next
  • Depends on your requirement, select the Configuration type (User or Computer)
    • I’m selecting Computer Configuration as I need to setup something for the computer regardless of the user
  • Computer Configuration > Google > Google Chrome
  • And now you will see all the Google Chrome Browser related policies
  • For this example, I’m selecting the setting to switch ON/ OFF the offline game so the users won’t have the option when the computer is offline – I’m selecting the policy Allow Dinosaur Easter Egg Game
  • The option is available right below in the policy list.
  • Select the option and configure. Set the option Disabled and hit OK
  • Hit Next and Skip the Scope Tags if needed by pressing Next again
  • Now, since this is a computer policy, assign your Device Group
  • Press Next and Create
  • Success! Now the policy will be created and the computers in the device group will acquire it in the next sync

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