I’ve completed the MDE Ninja Training and it was great! (my thoughts and experience)

It took me sometime, but finally completed the MDE Ninja training. I got to know about this course from a local user group meetup and it hit me. This certificate is not a standard Microsoft certificate, but I would say more of an achievement celebration from Microsoft for the effort we put to learn the tech. I thought I’ll share my overall experience in this short post.

I want to learn Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, how do I do it?

This was the very question I had as it connects to other portals, a lot of things to know and was unclear of the 1st step. Once I saw the Ninja Training content, I was so happy. Only because everything was just under one website and the community keep on updating the URLs.


Training content: aka.ms/mdeninja

MDE Tech Community blog which has updates to the above content can be found here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-defender-for-endpoint/bg-p/MicrosoftDefenderATPBlog

In a nutshell, the training touch bases on all the important factors in MDE and for most of the topics they go very deep. I noticed some may cover the things that you’ve already learned in a different topic, but not a deal breaker. There are hour long YouTube videos of the past Ignite sessions on Microsoft Security which is really good.

I recommend this course to anyone who wants to know MDE and its capabilities and this can be a stepping stone to achieve the MS-500 exam as well.


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