How to Extract Organization Hierarchy from Office 365 and represent in MS Visio Org Charts

While the Office apps are capable of showing the reporting structure of the staff, if you need to extract that data into a Visio Diagram, that’s easy and just few click away.


  • If you are in a Hybrid Environment, the Manager field of the On-prem AD account should be pre-populated
  • If you are in a Cloud-only environment, Manager in field can be found in the Exchange Online portal, in the Organization.
  • MS Visio should be installed on the computer
  • Outlook Client should be running with the Email profile so it can read the Global Address List

When this processes, MS Visio basically grabs the information from the Global Address List where the users in it has been already setup with the Manager info, and populate the data.

How to do this?

  • Open MS Visio > New > Organizational Chart
  • Select the Chart Format you need and load it
  • On the Ribbon -> Org Chart -> Import
  • Select “Information that’s already stored in a file or database” > Next
  • Select “A Microsoft Exchange Server Directory” > Next
  • Add the fields as required > Next
  • Select how you want to display the chart
  • Add users who are managers or who has subordinates under them. To perform this
  • Select Add Page > And Select Browse and it will open the Global Address List

Note – You have 2 Options here
You can either select the Global Address List from the Address Book, OR
Select the Offline Global Address List

Global Address List is real time info that queries the Exchange Online to display and sometimes this might be bit laggy depending on your network.

Offline Global Address List – Queries the info from the OAB file that’s stored in your computer locally and this updates every 24 Hours time

  • The User that’s selected from the above step will be the “Name at tip of page
  • Number of additional levels: All or there are few levels you can select
  • Page Name: Eg: Information Technology Department
  • Hit Finish and it will start querying the GAL data to display the result

6 thoughts on “How to Extract Organization Hierarchy from Office 365 and represent in MS Visio Org Charts

  1. I can’t populate email addresses from Exchange Server. This field is not in the available fields. Any help appreciated…


    1. Hi, Make sure you have configured Outlook on the pc that you run Visio and make sure you download the OAB.


      1. But even in your screenshot of “Organization Chart Wizard” in the “Data file columns” there is no email available. So it does not seem to be my personal customization problem, but maybe some general…?


      2. Actually you don’t need to have the email address in Data file columns. Because when you select “Information that’s already stored in a file or database” and select “A Microsoft Exchange Server Directory” it will lookup the pre-configured Outlook profile. Hope your question was answered.


  2. I just tried this and it doesn’t seem to find the info from the Exchange Server. The info is fully on Office365 cloud, but when I select the a manager or even the top level manager, no subordinates show up.


    1. The scenario in the article is with an Office 365 account. Have you created the Outlook profile 1st in the computer where Visio has installed?


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